Innovit is a leading provider of Master Data solutions for Product Information Management (PIM), Master Data Management (MDM), Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) and Unique Device Identifier(UDI). Through its partnership with global standards body GS1, Innovit products have been certified for GDSN to support data pools such as 1WorldSync, TrueSource & GS1net (NPC / DHBNC). Large enterprises and mid-sized companies have master data that is fragmented, inaccurate and non-synchronized.

Innovit MDM solutions helps you manage multiple domains of master data including product, customer, vendor, asset, location and pricing in a single centralized process. By applying best practice processes and governance controls, you can have trusted master data powering your critical business operations. The result is enhanced data quality, reduction of supply chain costs, increase in product marketing effectiveness and efficient trading partner collaboration.

Data Quality

Companies today are gathering enormous amounts of data through various initiatives and digital transformation projects. As a result, data analysis activities are expected to have a positive impact on their revenues, margins and organizational efficiency. However, before analytics can be of any value, the data must be of high quality. Businesses can now foresee the importance of keeping their data clean. Maintaining data quality is a painful process, it involves tedious steps from setting criteria of creation, rules for standardization, integration, etc. which should be resonating with business requirements.

Data Governance

In today’s world businesses are continuously striving to improve the consistency and quality of their critical business data. It is from this need the concept of data governance arouse. Master data governance deals with management of an organization’s critical business data, to ensure high data quality is maintained throughout the complete life cycle of the data. Efficient data governance practices can help organizations in maintaining high quality data.

Active data governance helps with taking a proactive approach to data governance which includes validating data in real time to ensure that the data captured is of high quality.

Passive data governance helps in periodically checking the health of your data and dealing with inconsistencies in existing data.

We at Pivox Labs have been working in the field of master data management for over a decade now and has helped numerous organizations in managing their master data efficiently.

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