At Pivox we believe that growth is a mutual relation between the organization and the employee success, we have seen numerous miraclites blossom and make a beautiful mark on their field. The environment at Pivox ensures that we all work together in collaboration and grow together as a team. This ensures that you get the right amount of support from your peers, and the perfect amount of water for your roots to grow strong and passionately.

Our world-class facilities, passionate employees and lucrative environment make pivox the number 1 destination for an IT professional to define their career and carve their own mark in the world. Our model encourages innovation, leadership and hard work which helps to take your career forward while working in your own unique way. We take pride in the growth and success of our employees. Join us today and see how you can become the next big thing in IT with Team PivoxLabs.

The career growth plan creates a spirit of accountability by documenting your responsibility in making the future happen. You can take these steps to develop your career growth plan

Step 1: Do a self-assessment

You should start the process by assessing your skills, strengths, and areas the at need development. It is prudent to take a realistic look at your current abilities. If possible use a multi-rater feedback survey or just ask your manager, peers, teachers, family, friends for feedback. After this, outline your long-term objectives, as yourself these three questions

  • What type of work would you like to do?
  • Where would you want to be in the organization?
  • What is important to you in the career?
Step 2: Spot the opportunities

Start by identifying career and personal opportunities and select the ones that interest you. Once you are done with the possibilities, identify developmental needs by comparing skills and strengths with those needed for the career choice you have selected. Don't try to boil the ocean, prioritize tour developmental area to prepare for a discussion with your manager.Innovit MDM solution was chosen as the system to replace GXS. Pivox Labs worked with Innovit to define customer’s requirements for an improved PIM/MDM solution that was to replace GXS GDSN connector functionality and provide improved data management and GDSN capabilities. There was also a need to develop in Innovit MDM additional GDSN reports and enhancements to match current GXS features and provide easy visibility into the status of data synchronization with the company’s trading partners (i.e. customers).

Step 3: Document the career growth plan

A growth plan maps out the general path and helps match skills/ strengths to career choices, please remember this is a living document; needs and goals will undoubtedly evolve over time. The aim is to identify areas for development and provide ways and means to address each of these areas. You can use these steps

  • Identify an area of development from the list developed in step 2
  • Identify an objective tied to that area of development
  • Identify activities that would support achievement of that objective related to the field of development it is anchored to
  • Identify the milestones towards the attainment of that objective tied to the identified area of development
  • Identify learning needs and knowledge gaps needed to attain the milestones and methods to address these needs or close the knowledge gap.

Once you are done with documenting your career growth plan, it can be laid out as a matrix of Areas of development, Activities, and methods used to perform them, Frequency of activities performed and desired learning outcomes. Last but not the least the plan must include the ownership matrix, i.e., to be completed by and review dates and the person responsible for it (you or your manager).

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