Pivox Labs is known for being an employee-friendly organization. We believe that employees are the greatest assets to an organization. We encourage our employees to provide their input and feedback to cultivate an employee-friendly environment. Work-life balance is the core of our belief system. As a result, you get an entrepreneurial, mentally stimulating yet relaxed learning environment that sharpens your creative-thinking, decision-making, and innovative capabilities


Are you graduating and looking for a challenging IT job? Well then Pivox Labs is the best platform for you to launch your potential and take yourself to the next level. Pivox hires graduates every year, and you might just be the next big thing that happens in IT.


We are in the middle of a boom, and the Pivox Labs family is growing rapidly. If you have the appetite and the passion to become the best, then Pivox Labs is the right place for you to weave your magic as we create next generation wonders with cutting edge technology.

Thought Leadership

Our teams believe in leading by example and executing at the speed of thought. With those principles set in place, our teams rocket away into innovation land as they start redefining the way we look at IT. Our comprehensive training programs, leadership institute and labs are the best in the world and have been able to produce best IT experts.


We offer the best growth to employees within a short span


We offer one of the best training programs in the IT Landscape


At Pivox you get exposed to latest cutting edge technology

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