Pivox Labs Expands Your Development Team In Massive Fashion

Any organization needs a strong foundation of their business process implementations in order for them to be able to sustain in the industry and increase ROI. With the ever growing technologies and available design, architectural and implementation solutions, businesses are finding it extremely difficult to evaluate and make the right choice for their business needs.

The right choice is not only one that makes the design, development and deployment in the most effective way, but it should also provide enough scope for application enhancements and future maintenance to be done with minimum effort. Our teams are trained to analyze and dissect your problem to the core, so that we can provide the right choice for you.

“Whether it is building an application from scratch and managing the entire life cycle of the application (or) enhancing/modernizing a existing legacy application, Pivox Labs is your partner of choice. Our expertise and experience in helping enterprises make the right choices, ensures that we can help solve your critical business challenges.”

“Pivox Labs team has more than 15 years of close collaboration with SAP SOLEX Partners working on integration, implementation and development of SAP solutions extensions across industries.”

Tested Development Strategy

During the project we focus on your business goals an challenges and take every feedback seriously. We engage key stakeholders and subject matter experts in the development project for a comprehensive, scalable solution that will drive your business forward.

Rich Development Experience

We closely collaborate with SAP Core & SOLEX Partner development teams working on SAP solution extensions in the area of Contract Management, Negotiations and Settlements. These unique extensions helps customers to better negotiate, draft contracts and settle. As a result of such close collaboration we always use the latest SAP development guidelines and methodologies.

Strong Project Team

Pivox Labs designates the best fit specialists to tackle your challenge. For every project we form a dedicated team of QA experts and Process experts, architects, and developers that ensure the software is bug-free, easy to use, and has no bottlenecks. We perform stress, functionality, security, and integration testing, and run unit tests to further improve quality throughout the system. Pivox Labs QA team can perform white, grey, or black box testing.

Warranty Period

Pivox Labs works directly with SAP SOLEX development teams, while developing solution extensions. This gives us the fist-hand knowledge and experience of how it was designed and developed. This expertise helps solve issues faster.

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