What sort of qualities do we look for in our employees?

At Pivoxlabs we believe in hard working and motivated individuals, and in turn take those qualities into consideration when we go searching for our employees. Anybody who is great working in teams and has great passion in passing towards IT and a hard working attitude will be a perfect fit and a instant hit in our organization.

What sort of technologies do our employees work with?

We have always been a specialist in niche IT spaces and are known for our fluency with SAP products. Our technical teams get a chance to play with some of the latest technologies from software giants such as SAP, Oracle, Amazon, google and more while also being given a chance to check out some of the upcoming Open Source Technologies as well.

What will be the duration and contents of our training program?

The duration of training is between 3 - 5 months, starting with 3 days of induction, 1 week of Database Training, and 2 weeks of intensive Java and J2EE training. Once the Core Training(45 days) is completed the trainee will be thoroughly evaluated and then placed into an appropriate technology space where they will be trained for 45 days on a speciality tool.

How quickly will we be put onto a project (or) activity?

The usual life-cycle from Day 1 spans about 6-8 months for any Trainee Developer. This period will include 3-5 months of training, followed by a duration in Shadow Mode where the trainee will be placed under a Project Resource to learn real-time usage of his/her tool set and understand how to interact with clients while solving real-time problems and issues.

What is the interview process for graduates to be selected?

The interview process for a graduate is divided into multiple stages which lets us evaluate your attitude, behavior, analytical skills and communication skills. The rounds for various positions is as follows :

For Technical Positions :

  • Round #1 : Aptitude + Technical (C/Java/SQL/Web Technologies)
  • Round #2 : Technical Interview - Inperson
  • Round #3 : HR Interview - Inperson
  • Round #4 : CEO Interview - Virtual

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